Sunday, Feb 14

6:30 AM

Continental Breakfast and Visit Exhibitors

7:20 AM

Welcome to HDS

Joseph F Fowler, Jr., MD David J. Goldberg, MD, JD Christopher B. Zachary, MBBS, FRCP

7:30 AM

Targeted Screening: What is the Evidence That it Works?

Stephen W. Dusza, DrPH, MPH

8:00 AM

Learning Objectives: • Knowledge of risk factors for melanoma including phenotypic, environmental and genetic factors. • Understanding the difference between population based screening and targeted screening and to acquire knowledge to determine whether targeted screening plays any role in early diagnosis of melanoma. • Understanding the complexity and pitfalls of diagnosing melanoma and technologies aimed at assisting clinicians in melanoma detection. • Practical insights into the initial surgical management of suspect lesions and melanoma in clinical practice; and • Awareness of the emerging treatments for advanced melanoma.

8:00 AM

Melanoma Risk Factors: Old and New

James M Grichnik, MD PhD

8:35 AM

Techniques to Enhance the Process of Early Detection

Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD

9:10 AM

Biopsy Technique and Excision Margins: How Deep and How Wide?

James M Grichnik, MD PhD

9:45 AM

Coffee Break and Exhibits

10:15 AM

New Emerging Treatments for Advanced Melanoma

Jedd Wolchok, MD

10:50 AM

US Preventive Task Force Recommendation Regarding Skin Cancer Screening: Common Sense or Lack Thereof?

Stephen W. Dusza, DrPH, MPH

11:20 AM

Pitfalls in Melanoma Diagnosis and How to Potentially Avoid Them

Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD

12:15 PM

Panel Discussion

1:00 PM

Topical Psoriasis Topics

Joseph S. Eastern MD

1:45 PM

Session Concludes

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