Maintenance of Certification-Dermatology (MOC-D)



General Dermatology Module

The 50-question self-assessment program offered at the 35th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar counts towards fulfilling a portion of one of three (years 3, 6, and 10 of 10-year MOC-D cycle) American Board of Dermatology (ABD) MOC-D self-assessment requirements.  Per ABD, each self-assessment module must be at least 100 questions in length, therefore, 50 additional questions must be obtained to receive full credit for one self-assessment requirement.  Please be sure to report completion of any self-assessment programs on your MOC-D table located in your ABD profile.    


About the SDEF MOC-D Program: General Dermatology Module

  • The 50 self-assessment questions will cover medical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and procedural dermatology including cosmetic dermatology. 
  • Participants will be assigned an audience response (ARS) key pad for use throughout SDEF's 35th Hawaii Dermatology Seminar which will be used to track your answers.
  • The breakdown of all answers to each question will be displayed for all participants.  Education related to the topic will commence by a qualified faculty member. 
  • Specific attention will be spent by each topic expert to discuss each self-assessment question.  Discussion will highlight the correct answer, why it was correct, and why the incorrect answers were incorrect.  Discussions will be evidence-based and will include references.
  • Audience members will be able to compare their answer to the correct answer, and to the responses of the entire audience to each question.
  • At the conclusion of SDEF's 35th Hawaii Dermatology Seminar, each enrolled audience member shall receive a web link to the transcript of the MOC-D self-assessment discussions, as well as to the audience performance of the MOC-D self-assessment questions.

*MOC registration is an additional $100.00 until 01/31/2011 after 2011 MOC registration is $200.0

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