Skin Disease Education Foundation invites you to participate in the Exhibit Program of the Cosmetic Dermatology Seminar 2009, which offers exhibiting companies the opportunity to display their products and services to a gathering of dermatologists/dermatologic surgeons.

In order to be considered for first assignment of space, applications must be returned by Friday, April 16, 2010. Notification of acceptance and space assignment will be mailed. No requests for exhibit space will be accepted or confirmed by telephone.

Wednesday May 12, 2009 - 3:00PM-6:00PM

Thursday, May 13, 2009 - 6:30AM-12:30PM Friday, May 14, 2009 - 7:00AM-12:30PM Saturday, May 15, 2009 - 7:00AM-12:30PM

Saturday, May 15 2009 - 12:00PM-1:00PM

Exhibit items, advertising literature or pamphlets that are distributed may contain only recognized indications and claims. Advertising in any media to the effect that particular products or services have been exhibited at the Cosmetic Dermatology Seminar 2009 or which could be construed as endorsement is prohibited. The use of the SDEF seal of approval, trademarks or other similar property rights may not be used in connection with any product or advertising materials displayed or disseminated at the Cosmetic Dermatology Seminar 2009.

In order to be considered for first assignment of space, applications must be returned by Friday, April 16, 2010. Notification of acceptance and space assignment will be mailed. No requests for exhibit space will be accepted or confirmed by telephone.

The first assignments of space will be made to the Educational Grant Supporters, followed by a first-come, first-served basis and only as long as space remains available.

The exhibitor is permitted to demonstrate the firm's equipment and to make informal presentations regarding the product line or service in the booth. However, other attention getting devices in the form of entertainment or demonstrations of non-product items or services must be approved by the Skin Disease Education Foundation organizers in writing. Only such activities, which, in their discretion are in keeping with the professional deportment of technical exhibits program, will be permitted. All demonstrations shall be confined to the space allocated to each exhibitor. The use of other than closed-sound systems will be permitted only with prior written approval. Any exhibit may be closed if deemed to have an excessive noise level.

Sufficient lighting is provided for adequate illumination in the exhibit area, but no individual electrical outlets are provided in the booth space. The appropriate electrical contractor must supply all electrical work to ensure that it will meet the safety requirements and fire regulations of The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. All draping or display materials of cloth must be fireproof. Under no conditions will combustible oils or gases be permitted in the exhibit area.

The exhibit program is designed to provide dermatologists with first-hand information about products and services specific to the area of dermatology and dermatologic surgery and to serve as a forum for updating the physician’s knowledge of current technological advances in the field of dermatology and dermatologic surgery. The exhibit program is an integral part of the overall education program for the seminar. Applications for exhibit space will be considered for products and services in the following categories: *Pharmaceuticals specific to dermatology (both prescription and non-prescriptions). *Equipment and devices that are designed for diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions. *Office equipment, record-keeping equipment, or services relating to the support of non-medical aspects of the practice of dermatology. *Scientific educational publications.

Permission to exhibit may be granted to firms only if their proposed exhibit meets the following criteria: 1. The product or service relates specifically to the medical and scientific aspects of the practice of dermatology or dermatologic surgery; 2. The products or services to be displayed are safe when used in accordance with the instructions or recommendations of the applicant; 3. The products or services are capable of safely performing in accordance with the claims made by the applicant; 4. The products or services to be displayed contribute significantly to the educational goal of the seminar.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to maintain such insurance against injury to person or damage or loss of property in such amounts as the exhibitor deems adequate. Insurance protection will not be afforded to the exhibitor either by the meeting organizers or The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

All matters in question not specifically covered by these rules and regulations are subject to the decision of the meeting organizers.

In keeping with the recommended safety precautions for lasers, the SDEF has adopted the following policies for laser exhibitors in the exhibit area: mandatory and appropriate goggles, pipe and drape.

"The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft or damage to exhibitor's displays, equipment and other property while on hotel premises, and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel or its affiliates arising from such loss, theft or damage. In addition, the exhibitor agrees to defend (if requested), indemnify and hold harmless Skin Disease Education Foundation and The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and their respective parent, subsidiary and other related or affiliated companies from and against any liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, suits, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and costs, arising from or in connection with the exhibitor's occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof or any negligent act, error or omission of the exhibitor or its employees, subcontractors or agents." In case any part of the exhibition hall is destroyed or damaged so as to prevent the hotel from permitting an exhibitor to occupy assigned space during any part or the whole of the exhibition period, or in case occupation of assigned space during any part or the whole of the exposition period is prevented by strikes, Acts of God, national emergency or other cause beyond the control of the meeting organizers, then the exhibitor will be charged for space only for the period the space was or could have been occupied by exhibitor; and the exhibitor hereby waives any claim against the meeting organizers, its directors, officers, agents, or employees for losses or damages which may arise in consequence of such inability to occupy assigned space.

Payment must be submitted with the application for exhibit space. No application will be processed or space assigned until payment is received. Notification of an exhibitor’s decision to cancel must be mailed or faxed in writing on company letterhead to Skin Disease Education Foundation. Full refunds less a $250 processing fee will be granted for cancellations received in writing to the SDEF office prior toFriday, April 16, 2010. No refund will be granted for cancellations received on or after Friday, April 16, 2010, nor after the conference for no-shows. Some sponsors, depending on their level of sponsorship, will receive exhibit space at no charge.

Applications for exhibit space will be reviewed to determine whether they satisfy the criteria for acceptance. Also, please note the following: 1. Each applicant must supply specific information concerning the products or services to be displayed with the exhibit application. 2. When deemed necessary, we may request additional supporting data from the applicant.

Each exhibiting company is entitled to two (2) representatives to staff the exhibit booth. They are entitled to attend the lectures, live surgical presentations and social functions. Additional staff beyond two (2) is required to pay a registration fee of $895 for each additional person.

No part of any exhibit space may be reassigned, sublet or shared with any other party by that exhibitor.

It is the policy of the SDEF that scientific presentations such as lectures, presentations, seminars, workshops, or other types of educational programs sponsored by the exhibiting companies are not permitted immediately before or after the Cosmetic Dermatology Seminar 2010 unless authorized by the Co-Directors. Only those presentations, workshops, or symposiums scheduled by the SDEF are permitted.

Exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding their goods, materials, equipment, and exhibits at all times. The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel will provide general guard service for the exhibition period but neither the guard service nor the meeting organizers will be responsible for the loss of or damage to any property.

Shipping instructions will be mailed approximately 4 weeks before the start of the meeting.

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