Skin Disease Education Foundation invites authors to submit abstracts for consideration at the

11th Annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar, November 4-6, 2010 at Venetian/Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas. These abstracts will be for poster presentation.


The fee for submitting an abstract is $250

Download Abstract Form Here


Before preparing, your abstract ~ please read the instructions.


  • Each abstract must be submitted in English
  • The abstract should be received by SDEF no later than Wednesday September 15, 2010
  • If submitting via mail, do not fold originals, must use the abstract form and attach 3 copies of abstract
  • Faxed copies, or photocopies without the originals will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts can sent by email to sdef@sdefderm.com (preferred)


Registration and Payment

The author must register for the seminar and pay the registration fee upon acceptance of his/her abstract, otherwise the abstract cannot be displayed.



The abstract must be typed, single-spaced in English and contained within the indicated square. Do not reduce the text by copier to enable more text to be included in the abstract form. Suggested font Times Roman 10.


Title: The title should appear in upper case (capitals) and extend no more than two lines. Abbreviations should not be used in the title.


Name(s)/Institution: List the author(s), institute(s) where the work originated, city and country. Authors should be listed by surname followed by initials only – do not include first names. The person presenting the paper should have his/her name underlined. Omit degrees, titles, institutional appointments, street addresses and post/zip codes.


  • Only standard abbreviations may be used without definition

  • Only essential references should be included

  • These should be listed numerically with the text

  •  Use only generic drug names

Acknowledgement and Notification

The acknowledgement of receipt form will be returned to the presenting author by SDEF as soon as the abstract has been received. Do not forget to include the completed form with your abstract. Notification of acceptance for presentation will follow shortly.


Poster Disclosure Form

The purpose of this form is to inform all interested parties of any significant affiliations or relationships you may have with any commercial enterprise. You must complete this form and send it along with your abstract.


Please adhere to the following guidelines:


1.       Do not attempt to make your outputs approximate or match the typeset page

2.       Be consistent in style (i.e., units, abbreviations).

3.       End paragraphs with two carriage returns. Do not use carriage returns within paragraphs; instead, rely on the word processor’s work wrap (« soft return ») within paragraphs, list items, etc.

4.       Do not add extra line spacing above, below titles or subheads, or between paragraphs. To double-space your document, use the printer commands in your word processor, ( i.e., do not make each line a new paragraph).


Delivery of Electronic Files via email:

        Enclose the payment form below and the abstract form

        The subject line in your email should be—HDS11 – Abstract – Corresponding author’s last name

        Your file should be saved with the corresponding author’s last name and a two-word description of the abstract

        The body of the email should contain:

  • The corresponding author’s last name and phone number
  •  The date
  •  A short title of the abstract




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