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What Your Peers Said About the 2019 MEDS

"Perfect selection of topics and content... all was exceptional!!"

"Again another great conference.  This is my third one and each time great up-to-date information that is usable."

"MEDS is an excellent comprehensive metabolic review for the busy practitioner.  I work in a solo practice as the only primary care provider in a rural community clinic. I am associated with a larger organization, but for all intents and purposes,  I am alone. The knowledge requirements for rapidly changing, evidence-driven patient care is immense, at times overwhelmingly so.  I credit knowledge shared in MEDS with literally saving the lives of at least two patients in my practice, and enhancing good outcomes of countless others.  The MEDS spiral bound paper syllabus is my "go-to, endo-everything" bible. I recommend MEDS to my NP students as a "must see " to enhance their practice if they are able to attend. I will be back for my MEDS tune-up on a regular basis. My only regret is not having the knowledgeable panel experts and presenters on my speed dial. Thank you!"  Kathryn Hanson MSN, FNP, Wisconsin

"I thought all of the speakers were fantastic, engaging and it was really inspiring to have this conference lead by NP/PA colleagues who are practicing at the highest standard. I also thought the food was fantastic!"

"Surprised at the consistency of the level of expertise (of the faculty) with exceptional presentation skills. This is one of, if not THE best conference I have attended in my >20 years of practice."

"All presentations are exceptional. These speakers give you so much hands on material in their talks- Do not need an endo consult."

"My first MEDS conference; likely one of the best advanced practice conferences I've ever been to in my >20 yrs as an NP."

"All presentations were excellent information and gave useful tips to use in practice. Great presenters!"

"I look forward to attending the conference again next year in Orlando, I am thankful that this group of individuals put this together to help their peers improve on quality care."

"You guys rock for real! I'll be there next year God willing. I enjoyed every aspect of the conference so much."

What Your Peers Said About Past MEDS

"I love the MEDS conference, I feel I have improved my knowledge base and it will help me to continue to become a better medical provider."

"This summit was hands down THE BEST conference I have been to in my career. Every presenter was so passionate, dynamic and inspirational in their respective areas of expertise. GREAT JOB!"

"The speakers made it interactive and fun. Everyone was so fantastic. Everyone was sharing knowledge that was priceless with pearls of wisdom from their own experiences."

"This was a fabulous conference. ALL the speakers were excellent and provided information in a manner that was engaging, well documented & researched, and extremely usable. I particularly loved and appreciated the continual patient focus attitude and collegiality of the speakers. So proud of fellow NPs and PAs. Keep up your good work."

"All the presentations covered topics in a precise and clear understanding with case presentation and treatment protocols."

"Thank you!!!! MEDS has the very best speakers, they know their stuff! No wasted time! I attended every lecture, and learned something at each one. Hands down the best conference to spend my CME money on. Don't change a thing.."

"This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended, and I go to a lot! "

"The speakers were excellent and exuberant and down to earth, no stuffiness like at some meetings. I will recommend this meeting to my peers"

"The speakers were quite knowledgeable about the topics, clearly explaining complicated issues, very approachable & helpful after sessions for questions, full of energy during their talks & kept the audience engaged."

"I have worked in endocrinology for 15 years. This is the first PA/NP conference that I have ever attended that I did not feel was too basic. Great job!"

"Absolutely hands down the best and most informative conference I have ever attended."
Mary Jo Nemec, NP-C


"This is my second time participating at MEDS. MEDS is in my opinion the most clinically comprehensive conference in the USA today. MEDS features an outstanding and clinically competent faculty who are genuinely interested in sharing their expertise by providing the latest and most appropriate clinical approach to patient care." Jose F. Rivera, ANP-BC, CDE

"Don’t think twice if you provide patient care—this is your must do conference!"
Teresa Diez, CRNP MSN


"MEDS is the best conference I’ve ever attended. I went to my first conference in 1973, 41 years ago and MEDS is the best. Never boring, very entertaining. MEDS provides updated, usable information that I can incorporate in my practice. My attention is kept. Thanks for cutting-edge, up-to-date medical information presented in a way that is practical for use today." Arlena Falcon, ARNP BC

"Best conference I’ve ever attended. So informative, well organized, high powered!

Wonderful presentations - thought provoking. Everyone interested in endo should be here." Terry Gray, NP

"This is likely to be most useful, relevant CME I have attended in 34 years of PA practice!" L. Delyte Morris, PA

"An excellent conference! I was very impressed with the diversity of sessions. MEDS gave me several ‘helpful hints’ that I will definitely incorporate into my practice." Louise A. Reid, MSN. FNP, BC


MEDS attendee, Ruth Taggart, NP talks about her experience at MEDS  


"It was my first time at MEDS and it was wonderful! I feel more knowledgeable about treating endocrine disorders. I will be back! Thank you!" Patricia Bayshore, ARNP

"Excellent seminars with highly experienced, personable clinicians. Practical info, very relevant and knowledge you will use first day back to office." Lisa Owens, NP


MEDS attendee, Myrtle Henry, NP talks about her experience at MEDS 


"Wow! What an excellent conference. I enjoy your knowledge. MDs beware." Steve Galya, PAC, MPAS

"This was an excellent opportunity to expand my repertoire and network. I have more tools in the box!" Rebecca Lord, NP

"The MEDS conference was filled with valuable information about diabetes, kidney disease, weight loss, and clinical pearls for primary care. I highly recommend this conference." Kimberly Porter, NP

"Case presentations are very informative and great learning format." "Educational updates in a structured and relaxed atmosphere." Sophia Stetz, NP


MEDS attendee, Kerri Smith, PA talks about her experience at MEDS  

"I love the simplicity of the organization of the conference. The handouts are already prepared in a nice handbook. There is no stress over picking sessions. The staff provided daily reminders of breakfast & lunch symposiums. Thanks for all your hard work!" Theresa Woodard, NP

"This exceeded my expectations for the conference. I loved it." Laura Ford, NP

"Well organized. Friendly staff and great location. Covered clinical information that can be used on a daily basis." Candyace Dunn FNP

"Excellent. This is my second year. Great speakers who make the topics very clear to understand." Jennifer Lin, PA

"One of the best conferences I have been to." Ingrid Stier, NP


MEDS attendee, Penny Kaye Jenson, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, FNAP, (Past-President of AANP) talks about her experience at MEDS


"As a pediatric endocrine NP this conference helped me gain knowledge to assist me in the education & treatment of my adolescent and young adult patients. Fabulous speakers and marvelous lectures!" Lori Wise, NP

"Best up-to-date, usable tools to take back to practice for immediate use of practice improvement."

"Back-to-basics information and more! Diabetes medication review outstanding! Speakers were funny, interactive and intelligent!" Martine Alcius, NP

"This summit (lectures material & faculty) have inspired me to start my own wellness center in my office. I’m so excited! Thank you." Theresa Woodard, NP

"I have attended the MEDS conference for 2 years and am very impressed with the comprehensive and quality presentations. It is an enjoyable conference and a wonderful way to network and meet other PAs and NPs who take pride in their care for their patients." Elizabeth Price, PA-C

"I have learned more here than at any MD sponsored symposium. More specific and attuned to my practice as an NP." C. Yero, NP

"This conference is awesome! Your speakers are very captivating and knowledgeable. I now feel so much more qualified and confident in endocrinology." Celeste Lind, ARNP


MEDS attendee, Cynthia Ulrich, NP talks about her experience at MEDS  



MEDS attendee


This was one of the best conferences I have ever participated in. The presenters were all very engaging. The topics presented were very relevant to clinical practice and presented clearly, concisely and was easy to follow. I'm glad I came and look forward to next year. Jenny Tran, ANP

I really enjoyed the MEDS West Conference. I gained new skills on managing my T2DM and thyroid patients. Plus, the energy and camaraderie of the presenters is contagious! Katherine Footracer, PA-C

After attending this conference I feel that I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of dealing with thyroid disease. Thanks so much for teaching in a way that was understandable. My boss will be so impressed that I don't have to consult with him on dosing, dx etc. Loretta Shamley, APN-BC, FNP

Very informative. I practice cardiology and will definitely help with patient prevention and treatment. Marlie Lucas, FNP-C

I was so empowered by this conference to help the patients in my care and promote better patient outcomes among my colleagues! C. Shoukry, NP

This was my first MEDS conference. I loved it! It was well organized and lectures were excellent. I will definitely attend yearly! Suzanne Hennings, MSN, ANP

I've been to a lot of conferences that were all physician driven and this one was head and shoulders above the rest. This was a first class conference and the speakers were incredible. I have told both my NP counterparts I work with how wonderful this conference was and that they have got to go to the next one. Jeffrey L. Jones BA, BS, MSPA, LRTC, PA-C

Best conference with lots of practical information on improving client care - thank you!

This was absolutely the best DM/Endo conference I have ever attended. Keep clinical pearls and the speakers who are in the trenches. Nice balance of topics. Thanks so very much!

I just returned home from the best conference I have ever attended-the MED Summit 2011! It was outstanding. All sessions were pertinent and interesting. The information gained will be so useful in my current practice.

In looking around the conference room each day I was amazed to see how few opted out of a session. At many of the conferences I have attended in the past there would be a substantial loss of attendees half way or three quarters of the way through. Please do this again next year! It was terrific! Leslie Carmack, APN, NP-C, CDE

Excellent speakers! Not a sleep among them! Thanks!

I really appreciate how each speaker built in time for Q&A at the end of each talk and really stuck to their times so we don't run behind. I'm actually very impressed how well we stayed on time. Other conferences are not as predictable.

Wonderful program - highly recommend for all of my colleagues!

Program was priced just right - I feel that I got all my money's worth when I came here. I also feel that the speakers were great. The length of the program to me was very good. The 2nd day WAS hard but well worth it. I also felt that the program was very good in that we got to hear every topic and I didn't have to make a choice of what program to go to. The amount of CE was great as well. Committee did an awesome job.

Thank you for a valuable and stimulating conference. The speakers were well prepared and knew the material well. Sabra Boughton, NP

This was one of the best conferences! I appreciate all the professional effort and work that was put into this program, for US

This has got to be one of the best conferences I've attended as far as straight to the point lectures and topics that are important in our daily practices.

The Orlando MEDS conference was excellent. I appreciated the opportunity to attend. Judy F. Peacock, RN, BSN

Thank you for all your effort & time, you achieved a successful educational offering bringing together NPs and PAs to work and learn together for better patient care.


Great speakers - top notch! See you next conference...


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