• Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

Wednesday, June 17th

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Best of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

(Panel Discussions Featuring Interactive Q&A)

  • Julie K. Marosky Thacker, MD
  • Stephanie B. Jones, MD
  • Matthew D. McEvoy, MD
  • Timothy E. Miller, MB, ChB
Topics include:
  • What’s New in Enhanced Recovery?
  • Perioperative Hyperglycemia: Dexamethasone, Carb Loading, Stress, Diabetes   
  • Perioperative Fluid and Hemodynamic Management 
  • Regional Anesthesia for Enhanced Recovery      
  • Optimizing and Managing High-Risk Surgical Patients    
  • Management of Patients on Chronic Opioid Therapy    
  • Postoperative Bowel Recovery and Management of PONV   
  • Tip for Implementation    
  • Preventable Complications and Readmissions


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