What Your Colleagues Said about Previous MISS Meetings...


Best meeting I attend.

Great program. Informative new approaches/methods/techniques.

Very relevant to our practice. Excellent videos and ‘how-to’ photos.

Consistently great conference!

Smaller venue, more availability of presenters to discuss questions.

Great learning forum for focused surgical solutions.

Definite recommendation.

One of the few conferences where you will leave with new knowledge you can apply to your practice.

Excellent, especially talks on technical aspects of surgical procedure.

Great program. Cutting-edge talks.

Better and more practically applicable than other conferences.

Good intellectual debate regarding new techniques.

This is a must go!

Concentrated, pertinent information in a condensed timeframe.

Very informative conference with up-to-date info on the latest lap/robotic procedures and how to approach them.

Better every year.

Provided me with more insight and wisdom with respect to several common problems I routinely encounter.

Comprehensive MISS.

Very informative, and useful, and you leave wanting more, so you want to come back.

Excellent program. Highly recommended.

Continues to be my favorite conference to attend.

Definitely go to MISS!

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