November 2020





What Your Colleagues Said about Pain Care for Primary Care Meetings

“Have been to other pain conferences in the past. In comparison, I found the amount of information more digestible and I appreciate the more intimate venue.”
APRN FNP-BC Kansas City, KS
“I loved the conference – will definitely come back next year!”
MD, Lawrence, MA
“As a first-time attendee, I was extremely pleased with this CME activity and will be back. Thrilled with the program, and I think the most useful sentence for me was, ‘fire the drug, not the patient.’”
MD, Crescent Springs, KY
“The information provided will be very helpful for my future utilization.”
MD, Lakewood Ranch, FL
“Extremely good program!”
MD, Tulsa, OK

“This was an excellent presentation (Opioid REMS Course) with practical information – very helpful in my practice as a family physician/hospice physician.”
MD, Columbia, SC
“Excellent speaker who provided necessary details about this topic (Opioid REMS Course).”
MD, Dania, FL

“Very helpful and engaging conference.”
MSN, FNP-C Summerville, SC

“One of the best programs I have attended, including all speakers, the rooms comfortable, speakers easily heard, meals were great and I would not have changed anything.” - R.W., PA

“Speakers were superior. As an Urgent Care physician, the usefulness of the material covered and the knowledge I gained far exceeded my expectations.” - G.P., MD

“This is one of the best conferences I have attended-regardless of subject matter. The speakers were knowledgeable and organized. I left with tons of pearls and tools to improve patient care. This was extremely well organized. The food and refreshments were also excellent.” - B.Y., NP

“It was a great experience. As a primary Care physician I learned a lot.” - K.D., MD

"One of the best seminars I have attended in my 20-plus years of practice." - JP, MD

"Possibly the best conference I have attended on any subject. I didn't want to miss a minute. Great location and facilities. Efficiently organized & highly recommended!" - A.B., DO

"This conference has been unique and insightful. Great selection of topics and quality speakers." - J.L., MD

"Information was interesting and useful for practice. I can't wait to implement some strategies in my treatment plans - and to attend next year!" - S.H., FNP-C

"Excellent speakers, interesting topics, helpful information for PCPs." K.C., MD

"Wonderful conference. Speakers were engaging. I will be back next year!" - E.C., DNP, FNP-BC

"I have enjoyed all the lectures which have been very informative. I honestly have not attended all lectures at other conferences. However, this conference is the exception." - R.M., MD

"Very interesting and useful subject matter. Reinforced and expanded my knowledge. Great seminar." - M.S., ARNP

"Useful, detailed and well-researched information for the control of pain. An essential meeting for all types of physicians." - R.K., DO

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