December 10 - 12, 2020
The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV




What Past PAGS Attendees Had to Say

"I have practiced Ob.Gyn for greater than 30 years. I find the PAGS conference to be the best I have ever attended and I have attended many."

"Excellent topics and presentation was superb."

"LOVE this meeting."

"Enjoy and appreciated attending as have attended twice. Was straightforward and topics covered very well."

"Thank you for an excellent program!"

"This is such good educational time. I love how there is something current and relevant everytime I attend (this is my third time)."

"Continue with what you do and that is provide 2/1/2 days of excellent information to the average practicing OB/GYN."

"I have attended AAGL a few times, but this conference surpasses it in useable content!"

"This is a fantastic conference year after year! I have travelled from Australia on three occasions to attend!"

"Excellent conference."

"Excellent topics, great speakers - loved it"

Excellent course which I have attended several times. I always learn something new."

"All around fantastic conference. Well balanced, well presented. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues."

"Have been here several times and always enjoy it!"

"This is an excellent course. I have attended twice and will return."

"Excellent pertinent content, faculty top notch."

"Second year in a row that I attended PAGS. Great conference!"

"The faculty was superb — all innovative leaders in their field with the topics pertinent."


Prior Conference Videos

Urodynamic testing: Who needs it, and key pointers for a successful outcome - Mickey M. Karram, MD

Single site laparoscopic hysterectomy: Overcoming technical challenges - Amanda N. Fader, MD

Lichen sclerosis: My approach to treatment - Michael Baggish, MD

PAGS attendees describe the economic pressures they face

Post by Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery Symposium (PAGS).


Highlights of the 2012 program:

Surgery for stress incontinence: Which sling is for which patient?

When it comes to slings, one size does not fit all. That point was emphasized by Mark Walters, MD, in a comprehensive session that described the surgical techniques behind various bladder-neck and midurethral sling procedures, as well as the associated cure rates, complications, and pros and cons. To watch a 7-minute video in which Dr. Walters elaborates on patient-selection criteria, Click here.

Surgical approach to prolapse: What I do and why I do it

John Gebhart, MD, MS, outlined his approach to the surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse, but underscored his belief that the surgeon has to base her approach not only on the data, but on her own experience and resources.

"That's something you have to come to grips with in your own practice-what's best in your hands?" he said.

While showing videos of actual surgeries, he described specific techniques, pearls, and pitfalls, and emphasized the importance of cystoscopy to rule out bladder injury.

Keynote address: The economics of surgical gynecology

Dr. Barbara S. Levy, Vice President of Health Policy at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), delivered an impassionate appeal to attendees of PAGS: Gynecologists need to take the lead in advocating for best practices in their specialty—before forces outside the specialty impose definitions and standards upon them.

She also described the current payment environment, explained why the current trend in health-care spending is unsustainable, and stressed the need to find areas in surgical gynecologic practice that may benefit from improvements in health-care delivery. Click here for Dr. Levy's overview of the issues on video.

PAGS participants weigh in

After Dr. Levy's keynote address on the economics of surgical gynecology, OBG Management gathered the opinions of four participants: Gary Bostrom, MD, of California; Richard Robinson, MD, of Georgia; Timothy Hall, MD, of North Carolina; and Todd Slater, MD, of Ohio. To hear their points of view, Click here.

Myomectomy: Open to robotic approaches

"Myomectomy is not a dying art by any stretch," said PAGS Co-Chair Tommaso Falcone, MD, in opening this session. "In fact, it's expected to increase," he added, as more women seek to preserve their uterus.

He then proceeded to describe management approaches (including watchful waiting), indications for myomectomy, and surgical options, including data on both perioperative and reproductive outcomes.

Click here for a video summary of Dr. Falcone's talk.

Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy

As more women seek to preserve their cervix at the time of hysterectomy, the supracervical approach is becoming increasingly common. Amy Garcia, MD, described the indications, technique, benefits, and risks associated with this procedure. Click here to hear Dr. Garcia highlight the key points of her talk.

Read more about the 2012 PAGS at OBG Management.

What 2012 PAGS Attendees Have to Say:

"Excellent and timely conference!"

"Excellent conference, good speakers. Really enjoyed Dr. Walters and Magrina."

"Great conference and great information."

"Outstanding lectures and faculty. One of the best meetings I have ever attended."

"The videos were very helpful throughout the program. Exceptional content and teaching of clinical pearls. Dr. Levy, and the business course were such bonuses to grow in my 'business of medicine'. It is rare to have exposure to such wonderful resources. Thank you."

"The faculty was superb — all innovative leaders in their field with the topics pertinent."

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